"… Maybe only one cupcake is better for him… Too much sugar is bad for teeth…" she thought

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"I guess nichan will have enough with three cupcakes…" she wispered

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"Go away Stinky, it’s not for you !"

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Zhu immediately lightened up. “Aw cmon, ah’m sorry fer callin’ ya names or callin’ that monkey names or whatever, ah’ didn’t mean it at all!” He grinned and took a few steps toward the cupcakes. “It was jus’ hunger makin’ me act all dumb, an’ uh, speakin’f hunger those look real appetizing…would ya mind jus’ givin’ me maybe one’f them?”


"You’re not like that pig so it’s ok."

"Go away Stinky, it’s not for you !"

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» Help…

Hi everybody, I really need your help…
My little brother is in a toxic relationship with his girlfriend…
She’s litteraly distroying him. 
He can’t see his friends anymore. We used to be a great family, always there for each other, and she managed to make him away from us…

But he doesn’t want to see how bad she is for him, he loves her… But she distroy him… 

I don’t know what to do.. Help please….

A friend of mine made a thing AND IT’S SO FUCKING AWESOME ! 

I found out that the Glade’s door is 5 minutes away from my house !


In light of all the changes that will be coming to the League of Legends’ lore we have been given the knowledge that the Institute and Summoners will be no more. Due to this announcement I have seen a handful of people pulling at their hair over what they are supposed to…

Best great idea in the world

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» Update about my position towards the new lore

I don’t really know what Riot is going to do with their Lore. Maybe it’ll be cool and a real plus for our comunity, maybe it won’t.
We don’t know yet.
What i’m going to do is keeping this blog exactly as it is untill they really make their things, and once it’ll be done, i’ll figure out what to do.

  1. If i don’t like the new lore, I’ll keep this blog as if nothing had changed.

  2. If the new lore is fucking great, I’ll keep this blog as it is. Because the lores and the comunity we have here, right now, are great too and we made things and we have our dear summoners here, Lulu has relationships that happened thanks to the institute.
    But I’ll make a second blog to follow the new lore with the other champions who’d follow it. And that blog will be totaly separate from this one. Maybe it won’t even be a Lulu blog. It’d be in a parallel universe. 

  3. Maybe Riot will find something to keep some kind of institute and summoners, somewhow, and we could all follow it without deleting anything and just make some modifications (It would be great but i don’t think that it will happen…). So I’ll keep this blog. 

We are a comunity. As I see it, even as a canon champion, I can’t just move on and follow Riot and just let other people and what we had behind. All our pretty little summoners, all the great OCs, everything we made up, here. 
We made things, yes, based on riot’s world, yes, but we also build a world here, we have our world, we have our headcanon, we made kind of a parallel world. And we can’t just distroy it because Riot changed theirs

If the new lore worth it, i’ll just make an other blog to follow it. But it’ll be like being in a new comunity, for me. What we are and what we have HERE is important for me and I won’t just let it go because “Lore had changed”. We are still legit. As long as we are together…
I don’t care if we won’t be canon anymore, as long as we have fun together : )

So please, guys, DON’T JUST DELETE YOUR BLOG ! Don’t give up ! 

» Uh…

Just saying that this blog won’t follow Riot’s new bullshit.

Their “game and lores are totaly separate” is a total non sense for me and the excuse they used about “we wand to expend the world and stuff” is really stupid since it doesn’t affect the game play itself.
Talking about the gameplay, it become a total mess since ashe and sejuani would fight in the same crew and ezreal would beat lux WITHOUT ANY FUCKING GOOD REASON. what the fuck seriously.

No, sorry, i wont follow it.

I play LEAGUE of legends. And not LORES of legends-and-nonsens.

Well, it’s munday. Hello.
(That awkward moment when you’re just totaly not used to take selfies :I)

» Lalalaaa~ (◡‿◡❀)


I just wanted to tell you that… I do want to draw but i don’t want to draw Lulu’s ugly little face ANYMORE AND NEVER AGAIN! (lmao just kidding. She’s not that ugly…. Ho, and also, I still want to draw her, hehe)

Sooooo i guess i’m going to be open to requested things.


If you want to request things to me, ask my personnal blog (here) because i DON’T want to publish too much things not related to Lulu on my Lulu blog. 

And i might not draw your request because, you know, depends if I want to draw it or not, haha. (ho, btw, i don’t draw nsfw)

So, if you want to send requests or just see what i draw, you can click on this bootie to go to my personal blog: 

Lav’ ya’ 


Midnight Depression Doodles

Was supposed to be for Munday, guess not anymore.

There is meee ! : D
*hugs Rixian*


Hush baby. Don’t worry, I won’t leave (◠‿◠✿)

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